The Village Event Hall Contract

The Village Hall Rental Contract

Planning a special event? The Village facility at 122 Roseville Ave, Newark, NJ 07107 is ideal for all kinds of event: Anniversaries, Birthday Party, Funeral Reception, Fund-Raising, Graduations, Meetings, Showers, Sweet Sixteen, Trainings, Retirements, Wedding,‘YOU NAME IT’..  The Facility is under 24 hour’s surveillance and Burglar Alarm supervision

To Hold Date: A security deposit must be paid as well as a completed and sign contract on file.

call (973) 390=5778 For availability and reservation. 



Deposit & Fee Requirements

All reservations require a $100.00 none refundable deposit and a $100.00 cleaning deposit (cleaning deposit; refundable if hall is clean at the end of event). Rental Fee varies depending on time, day and type of event.  The quote includes tables and chairs. The balance and full rental fee must be paid fifteen (15) days prior to your event. You are renting The Village Event Hall “as is.

Any event exceeding 30 guests will require Army Security Guards. The Security will be on a 1:50 guest ratio (1 Officer for every 50 people). The Village Management office will obtain the Security officers or Client Security must provide a copy of their license and permit to the Village Management before event.

If The Village requests that the event cease or be reduced for any reason, your organization shall immediately, upon receipt of such notice or request, cease or reduce the event to comply with this request.

Management has the right to request damage deposits which are fully refundable, provided there are no damages or cleaning charges and provided your event is not ceased by the town police.   (This topic to be discuss and agreed upon at time of signing this agreement)

In order to obtain a full refund of your damage/cleaning deposit, there can be no damage to the property and the facility must be left clean with all trash removed. Please NOTE: Small tack nails, staples, and/or tacks are allowed in the decorating process but you will be required to remove them during the cleanup process without damage to the walls.

Food and Drink Service

The Host agrees to comply with the rules prescribed by the Village Management concerning the service of food and/or drink. The Host is responsible for the payment of any expenses related to catering the function or event. Renter is allowed to bring their own food, however The Village has a list of Food Caterers and encourages clients to look at their menus.    If alcohol is served during the function, the Host agrees that he/she shall comply with all State and local laws related thereto. The Host warrants that no guest shall be served any alcoholic beverage if the guest is or may become inebriated (drunk; intoxicate). The Host agrees that only beer and/or wine may be served during the function – there will be no liquor served on The Village premises without prior written authorization from The Newark Police.

Renter Responsible for Proper Supervision: The Renter acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the actions of the Host’s guests while they are on The Village premises and the renter shall be responsible for proper supervision and control of all events. maintain an appropriate level of decorum (orderliness) throughout the time those guests are present at the Hall. The Host will not allow any guest to engage in any illegal activity or behavior that may disturb the operation of The Village and its neighbors.

The renter, or renter’s designee, will be required to remain at the Hall until everyone leaves. If law enforcement personnel’s are called out to quell disturbances, resulting from lack of proper supervision and if fines are imposed; the renter will automatically be responsible to pay said fines to the Town of Newark. Renter will also be forbidden from renting the Hall indefinitely.

The Host Indemnification (compensation)

Please note that, The Village Insurance Company requires that Renter obtain one day insurance for their event. At no time will The Village incur expenses for any Event. You agree that in the unlikely event of a third party property damage or personal injury caused by your function, the third party has the right to file a claim with or against you. The Village has the right to file a claim against you or your organization for any damages that is not taken care of promptly The Host agrees that he/she shall have full responsibility for all activities of the Host and all guests during the function. The Host agrees to indemnify (to guard or secure against anticipated ) and hold The Village, officers, agents, representatives, and property harmless as to all claims that may be asserted by the Host, any guest or any other party directly or indirectly related to the function, including any claim related to the consumption of alcohol. This indemnification obligation shall include the payment of attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other expenses related in any fashion to any claim directly or indirectly related to this function.


The Village is a formal reception hall, organizational meetings, parties and dances, etc. are allowed. Decorations must comply with all rules and regulations regarding the care and preservation to the hall. Small tack nails, staples, and/or tacks are allowed in the decorating process but will need to be removed during the cleanup.

The Village is a NON SMOKING facility. Smoking in any part of the Event Hall, its restrooms, or the vestibule is strictly prohibited.

Parking   -  Parking is on the street


I understand and agree to The Village Event Hall guidelines set forth in this contract. I understand that all or portion of my deposit may be forfeited in the event that there are damages or cleaning charges. I also understand that all of my deposit may be forfeited in the event that I do not return the vestibule key to The Village. Management Office.

Signature: ___________________________________________________________________

Printed Name: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________ Cell: __________________________________

Organization: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________________________________________________

Date of Event: _________________ Time: From ________ am pm until ________ am pm

Time needed for cleanup: _________ Event Hall returned on (date) __________________

Description of Event: ___________________________________________________________


Amount of Deposit Paid: $________________ Amount of Fee Paid $________________

Date Received: _______________________ Date Received: ______________________

Received by: _________________________ Received by:


Balance Amount Due on (30 days to event) Date ___________


Dress Code:  Causal    Absolutely no White T-shirt