Our hours are Tues - Thursday 7pm to 10pm Friday TGIF,  Saturday  Night for 45 and above, Jazz and Oldies (good music that never gets old).  Join us for fun, exciting and relaxation nights.



Come Celebrate life with Liz. The Village Social Club and Banquet Hall is dedicating January 3rd TGIF to Liz Sheriff’s Birthday and to our regular supporters.  Join us to celebrate Liz’s life.  And to thank our customers who faithfully supported us last year.    Join us for an exciting and enjoyable evening 

Place: The Village - 122 Roseville Ave, Newark, NJ 07201

Date and Time: Friday January 3rd from 4 PM to 3 AM

Free Banana Bread and hush puppies

Cash Bar                                               DJ - TBA









The Village, 122 Roseville Ave Newark NJ 07107

The village and a Social club both refer to a group of people or community. In a West African village, the people come out in the evening under the moon light to play games, listen to music and watch their children play. As both names (village/social club) implies, the village is a place where a group of people comes to relax and fellowship with each other. A group of people who lookout and help each other in time of need. The village membership is open to people from all parts of American and West Africa. Owners of The Village hope that West Africans coming together with their American family and friends will build a stronger fellowship.

A village is distinguished from a town, so is The Village Social club going to be distinguished from other social clubs in our Newark community. The owners and the Managers of the village wish that the village social club will be a very special place for its members to be proud to call their club and will be please to come there with their friends. The dress code will be causal and formal, certain inappropriate dressing might warrant guest/s to be turned away.

The Village social club is a place where our members meet after a hard day's work to relax, play some games, listens to music, discuss whatever interest them at that time. The management will welcome reasonable suggestions from members in determine Social activities that can be for profit or non-profit, or a combination of the two. The village is also a function hall which members or, sometimes, the public can rent for parties.

Events at the Village can include a broad range of activities from sporting events and social or traditional parties and to the rental of the hall for special events. Membership is open to both single and married people. Membership may be limited or open to the public, based upon specific criteria, and restrict the events to members to increase their feeling of security, creating an increased sense of belonging. Membership starts from the age of 22.


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